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 A Christian YA multi-genre author, Reverend Aimée Marie Bejarano writes inspirational, historical fiction, Messianic, Jewish, paranormal, science fiction, horror, supernatural, and urban fantasy novels. She is the author of the bestselling Kindle novel, "Angelica, You Have Chosen Well," Part One of the Angelica Series. Her inspiration and passion come from the Lord who uses her love of good books, movies and things of the supernatural and paranormal to show readers what God’s Word (The Bible) says regarding controversial subjects. No matter the genre, each of Aimée's novels proclaim Jesus as the King and Conqueror while bringing the gospel.

This country gal lives in the great state of Texas. A musician, Aimée has worked with the youth for years. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing with her four-legged kids, movie fright nights with the family, and caring for her small fowl flock. On cool evenings, she loves taking leisure walks and adores thunderstorms.

Though dealing with chronic pain, from several disabling diseases, Aimée presses on eager to encourage others to fight against their physical limitations. For this talented servant of God, writing is not only a calling, but a means to fly away into the world of her imagination. A talent for writing in the present tense, readers are pulled into the story while it’s happening. 


About Dead Man Walking Publications

Why Self-publishing?

Years ago, after wasting precious time outlining and working to gain the attention of literary agents and publishing houses, by their hefty submission guidelines, she realized self-publishing was the way to go! 

Shortly thereafter Aimée founded "Dead Man Walking Publications." 

(Other Christian Authors will soon be part of the publishing house, in the near future, so stay tuned!)

Ephesians 2:14 KJV For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

All Novels Are Christian!

Love books on the paranormal such as ghosts or demonic activity?  Angels fighting demons? Or some time travel into another realm?

What about something inspirational to get the tears flowing? Biblical fiction?

What about YA books?

Love to read period or know a bookworm?

Romans 1:16 KJV.  For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. 


You'll love Aimée's books! Every novel, no matter the genre, proclaim Jesus as King, and brings the gospel.

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Recently,  Aimée Marie Bejarano found out that copies of her Bestselling Kindle "Angelica, You Have Chosen Well" has been distributed as a free PDF. She has not authorized this  nor for any of her novels, and it is stealing and copyright infringement which is against the law. If you see any site providing this of any of her novels, please report it ASAP.

To all who participate in this, we ask that you buy the novel. It is an author's hard work of countless hours and it is their property to distribute as they see fit. Blessings.

Ephesians 4:28 KJV.  Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

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In the Spotlight, My Dear Friend, Author Paula Rose Michelson

Paula-Rose is a pastor’s wife, mother of two wonderful daughters and the grandma of seven. When her now-married daughters were little, her husband made up wonderful stories for them. She learned from him the joy of taking ordinary things and sharing them in such a way that children were blessed. What started as bedtime stories are realized in this first book written to entertain, and encourage love for God and His Word, while learning about the Fruit of the Spirit.

The author enjoys teaching ladies (at the church where her husband pastors) “How to Pray the Psalms” when Bibles studies are dark. She is a member of the church’s Prayer Team, which prays throughout the week and meets at the church weekly.

Though these books were written for children, the author knows we are all God’s kids, so everything in the books and on her soon-to-be website is for grownups, too. Paula can think of nothing more God-affirming than for families to read, discuss, and pray the Scriptures! In doing these three things, we are equipped to minister to others as Gracie & her Save a Soul Prayer Team do in these books.

Within this Spirit-filled series, the author hopes readers see 8-year-old Gracie as a role model. For this young’un finds loving support comes from her mama Bernice, their resident angel Miss Millie, and other people who are blessed because they know Jesus, read, and believe God’s Word.

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Hi y’ all! 

I’m Gracie and this is my story. I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with my mama Bernice, and Miss Millie, the renter who lives with us. I sure wish she were my grandma, she's that sweet! But then, I find out in this here book that she's an honest to goodness angel! Here in Pleasant Hill, we talk a tad different sayin’ things like ya’ll, yes’m, and yes siree. Our words spoken with love warms my heart, ‘cause everyone cares about their neighbor and what's goin' on with one matters to all. 

In this first Fruit of the Spirit book, I want to join my mama’s Save a Soul Prayer Team to thank God for all the people who came around us when my firefighter daddy died saving the town from a huge brush fire. Fact is, I’ve a list of wants, like havin’ a sister, helpin’ my sorrowful friend’s daddy figure out where his family has gone and…well...stuff like that. But I heard tell God can do what I can’t. 

I find out how true that is when I fall into a sinkhole and Jesus meets me there. With a smile in my heart, I’m eager to do what He asks. My faith adventure takes me from the school playground to the hospital and home. And the Lord is with me, mine, and my new sister every step of the way. 

"Angelica, You Have Chosen Well" Part One of Angelica Series

Bestselling Kindle in USA, UK, Germany, & Australia. 

Angelica of Bethlehem is arrested by Saul of Tarsus for preaching about Jesus on the narrow streets of Jerusalem. While she awaits a painful death, she writes her life story. 

It begins in Bethlehem on a prophetic night. Her father, an innkeeper, meets a young couple. He has no room in the inn. All he has is a stable.

Now see the Book Trailer of this inspirational, historical fiction and messianic read!

"My Name Is Not Saul" Part Two of Angelica Series

Saul of Tarsus continues persecuting the Christians. 

On the road to Damascus, to bring more men and woman who serve Jesus back to Jerusalem, he is brought face to face with the One he persecutes.

A bright light encompasses. Saul of Tarsus is never the same again.

Saul, now the Apostle Paul, suffers shipwreck, stoning, beatings, and is bitten by a poisonous snake all for the furtherance of the gospel.

See this emotional Book Trailer! Readers will love part two of this messianic, historical fiction!

"Possessions of the Human Kind" Saga Chapter One

When Christian psychiatrist Dr. Leslie Johnson arrives in Humanity Ville, Texas, she faces the supernatural battle of her life. 

Demons masquerade as ghosts & infiltrate the peculiar town including The Hope Psychiatric Facility.
Dr. Johnson meets with her patients, she realizes the very thing tormenting one patient, Olga Benner, is demon possession. Suddenly, it seems every apparition and paranormal disturbance is gunning for Leslie Johnson, even assaulting patients.

Insane or possessed?

"The Gateway" Part One of the Gateway Series

What if portals existed and brought in something living, a part of the undead? 

Something sinister and reeking of sulfur enters the home of single mother, Grace Rodriguez. It enters through a portal...a gateway. It kidnaps her eldest son taking him into its dimension...gone!
Meanwhile, a popular journalist, Aiden Jenson, is beginning a new assignment, and he will clash worlds with this malevolent creature to get the story.
After all of Grace's children are stolen, they must enter the GATEWAY!

"The Curse of the Gateway" Part Two of the Gateway Series

Something is terribly wrong and missing from his entrance into the gateway.
Now that a year is past, Grace is engaged to a loving doctor Gabriel Lopez leaving Aiden to delve deeper into his work.
This particular case has him undercover to help detective friends, Jade and Hill. A morbid murder leads them to a cult holding services at an abandoned building. Aiden comes head to head with the creature, who is able to be summoned by the leaders within the cultish church. Now, it's come back! WHY?

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