Unexplained Supernatural Expo Radio Interview


Catch my radio interview about my ghost story "Possessions of the Human Kind" Saga Chapter One. 

I also answer deep questions regarding: hauntings, ghosts, apparitions, dead, spirits, poltergeist activity, psychics,& familiar spirits. 

So many people have already listened, even a call-in high that night. You've seen those paranormal shows but have you understood what the Bible says about all of this? Do you know? I can help!

If you've ever encountered a ghost, you need these answers!


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Radio Interview for "Angelica, You Have Chosen Well."

Interview for "Angelica, You Have Chosen Well."

The Gateway Novels Are In Hardcover!

The Gateway Novels in Hardcover

Gateway Series in hardcover!

"The Gateway" Part one of the Gateway Series, & "The Curse of the Gateway" Part two of the Gateway Series.


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Possessions of the Human Kind Saga Chapter One

My favorite part of this ghostly novel, is when Leslie finally realizes the power she has buried within. She becomes that warrior she never thought she was!

The power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in her!

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Hardcover for 
"Angelica, You Have Chosen Well."

Angelica, You Have Chosen Well- Part One of the Angelica Series

 There is a part of Angelicaโ€™s journey that touches me. When Angelica meets the woman with the issue of blood, she will be by her side as the woman rushes to meet Jesus. She believes, if she will but touch the hem of His garment, she WILL be healed. 

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Hardcover for "My Name is Not Saul"

My Name Is Not Saul- Part Two of the Angelica Series

 When the Apostle Paul is on a grain ship heading to Caesar, a terrible tempest rises. Will Paul come to the aid of a man who hates him without reservation? Will all of the prisoners aboard be saved or will they perish? 

It's a Kindle Bestseller in 2 categories, now you can keep the hardcover for your library! 

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